Employee's Guide


Analyse the job ad

Before answering any ad, analyse every aspect of the offer and get sure it fits your profile.

Adapt your Curriculum Vitae

Have a standard curriculum, adapting it to each offer, highlighting the experience demanded by the requirements.

If you have access to the name of the recruiting company do a research about the company and adapt your curriculum to its values.

Draw up a cover letter

The curriculum should include a cover letter. The letter should be formal, appealing and succinct. Beware of spelling mistakes and sentence structures, use A4 blank paper, never exceed more than one page and sign at the end.

Here are some tips that you must follow to ensure a good cover letter:

1. Letterhead

It should include the name and position of the person to whom it concerns or simply the name of the company.

2. Subject

Identify the name of the newspaper/site, the date of publication and the ad reference number.

3. Body

3.1. Began by introducing yourself and explaining the purpose of the letter. Show originality and enthusiasm;

3.2. Explain the reasons that led you to apply to the offer, as well as the interest in working for the company;

3.3. Talk about your skills and experiences and mention their importance to perform the work with success;

3.4. End by showing availability for an interview or to provide any more information’s. Mention that you are sending your curriculum vitae in attachment;

3.5. Sign off cordially. Insert the date and sign.

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