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Trial period

What is the trial period?

The trial period is the initial period of the contract, of a duration laid down by law, and both parties have this period to find out whether they are interested in continuing the contractual relationship. The trial period is counted from the day the worker begins their activity, and specifically from the time they begin to attend training programmes, if the duration of the programmes does not exceed half of the trial period. Days taken off work, whether on leave or when excused from work, even when justified, and the suspension of the contract are not counted for the purposes of the trial period.

How long is the trial period for permanent contracts?

For permanent contracts the duration of the trial period is:

  • - 90 days for workers in general;
  • - 180 days for workers who hold positions of some technical complexity, with a high level of responsibility which require special qualifications, or employees in positions of trust;
  • - 240 days for management personnel and executive officers.

How long is the trial period for term contracts?

For term contracts, the duration of the trial period is:

  • - 30 days for contracts with a duration of over 6 months;
  • - 15 days for fixed-term contracts with a duration of under 6 months and for indefinite term contracts whose duration is not expected to exceed that limit.

Can the duration of the trial period be changed?

Yes. The duration of this period may be reduced or excluded by written agreement between the parties or by a collective regulatory instrument.

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