EVOLVE assures the implementation of all the procedures related with personnel management, which embrace the accomplishment of tasks concerning the payroll processing, as well as the documentation required by the competent authorities.


- Centralised information about the workers;

- Data management of the workers (personal data, fiscal and social security data);

- Workers' historical report;

- Control of the workers' contracts of employment;

- Control and marking of the staff assiduity with incidence on the salaries;

- Calculation of compensations and proportional;

- Payroll processing of all the workers with fixed/variable remunerations (salaries, compensations for worked hours (IHT), grants for training periods, food allowances, service supplements, Christmas and holidays bonuses, commissions, absences, sick leaves, etc.);

- Reports with holidays' charts, social security affairs, bank transfers, amounts withheld for union purposes, etc.;

- Issuance of legal reports.

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