Employee's Guide


Know the company

Do a research about the company trying to know its background, policies, sphere of influence and information’s concerning their products and/or services. Visit the website and the social networks of the company. To be informed will demonstrate your interest and will increase your chances of getting to the next phase.

Prepare for the interview

Generally, an interview starts always with some small talk to help the candidate feeling more comfortable. Be prepared to talk about the company and the daily news. Avoid talks about sex, politics and religion.

Be prepared to answer the most frequent questions of an interview. If you're comfortable with the answers it will avoid nervousness and will show confidence to the interviewer. Here are some examples of questions that are usually asked:

Talk a little about yourself - answer without telling stories, be objective. Summarise the professional aspects and your educational background. Refer some personal details only if you've been asked.

Talk about your dream job - give a simple and standard answer like saying that you want a "good working environment", that you cherish their "corporate culture of excellence".

Why did you leave your last job/why do you want to leave your current job - give a positive answer, saying that you are "looking for new professional challenges". Never criticise or say something bad about your last company.

What are your weaknesses and strengths - when talking about your weaknesses try not to damage your image. Try to dress up some of your strong points into the weak points. For example, say that you are "too perfectionist", "too demanding". Justify and show that you are working to improve. Prepare a list of your strong points and give examples.

What led you to apply for this position - seize this chance to talk about the company's activity and about how you identify yourself with the way it is positioned in the market.

Why should we choose you - focus on your own capabilities and show that your profile is the most suitable for the job and that you will bring benefits to the company.

Do you like working in a team - answer yes and give examples of moments where you have succeeded as a leader or as a member of a team.

Can you handle pressure and defined deadlines - never say never, instead of that show that you can work with deadlines and give examples of previous experiences.

If you were hiring a person for this job, what would you look for - give a coherent answer based on the description of the position and on your own attributes and skills.

Do you have any questions - make a list of questions and ask the ones that are pertinent and have not yet been addressed at the end of the interview.

Prepare a file

Prepare a file with copies of your curriculum vitae and certifications that might be pertinent to the position. If you have portfolio take it with you and don't forget your pen.

Confirm the address where the interview will take place

Make sure you have the right address to avoid getting lost and being delayed. If it possible, some days before try to go from your place to the interview location to know the way.

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